Thursday, November 12, 2009

dog food

Bryce had his first (and probably not last) taste of dog food today! I have convinced myself that I'm not a terrible mother and it was bound to happen sometime, right?!?

I was talking to Nanny on the phone today when my cell phone battery started to beep. Bryce was playing nicely in his room so I ran across the hall to plug my phone in. While I was doing that, Macy took a big mouthful of food and spit it out in the hallway and started eating it. It looked like fun to Bryce so he crawled into the hall to check it out. I guess it looked a lot like his puffs to him, so he gave it a try. However, I was in another room as all of this was happening and just happened to hear the two in the hallway and realized what might be going on. I left Nanny and the phone dangling to run and check on Bryce. I was relieved to only find a piece of food in Bryce's hand. So I thought, ha! I checked his mouth and sure enough he was hiding a piece of dog food in between his cheek and gum. Thankfully dog food doesn't dissolve as easily as a puff so I don't think he actually swallowed any dog food!

These are pictures I took to recreate the scene because I thought this was a very blog worthy memory!
Here is Bryce checking it out.

And he's going in.

And it's in his hand.

You didn't really think I would let him eat it just to relive the memory, did you? Here he is sharing his puffs with Macy this time. A much better snack for the two to share, rather than dog food!

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