Sunday, November 29, 2009

weekend recap

I have gotten very spoiled by this mini vacation and I can't wait for Christmas break (3 more weeks)! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday, and we enjoyed some more time with family and friends to finish off the holiday weekend. We slept in on Friday and stayed far far away from Black Friday madness! Jason went hunting out of town so Bryce and I hung out at home and got some Christmas decorating done. I don't have any pictures to show for our lazy day.

We got up on Saturday and went to Starbucks for a breakfast treat (for me) before Bryce's morning nap. After he napped, MeMaw and PawPaw picked us up to take us to Culpeper to meet up with Daddy and to have another family Thanksgiving. Here he is dressed and ready to go, shoes and all (they didn't even make it all the way to the car, ha!).
This next picture is really a picture of nothing, but I just think Bryce looks like such a big boy!

Bryce is really enjoying getting to eat real food. He tried cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, turkey, and macaroni and cheese.

Jason was very upset that I let Bryce grab the ornament just to get this picture. He said, "How is he ever going to learn "NO" if you let him grab it?". I just needed a picture to show you what we will be dealing with ALL month. He gets SO mad when you tell him "NO" and take him away from the tree!

We went grocery shopping today and bought Bryce a variety of big boy foods. When we got home, I gave him YoBaby yogurt and Cheerios for breakfast. He enjoyed it all.

He is doing a great job picking up food and getting it into his mouth.
He is also learning how to work the sippy cup. Doctor suggested no juice, so we're just sticking to water.

Tonight we had the Hanging of the Greens service at church. We got to take Bryce up to put an angel ornament on the tree! I have looked forward to taking him up there since before he was born! I'm so excited that the Christmas season is here and I can't wait to show Bryce the true meaning of Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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