Thursday, November 15, 2012

a helper, a climber, and a party

Jason and I are middle school youth sponsors at our church.  Last Saturday we went on a "Rake and Run" with the kids and helped rake leaves for a lady at our church.  Bryce was so cute helping Jason and he was so willing.  This was a flashback to Jason's childhood.  He spent his Saturdays doing the same thing with his parents! 
Lucky for Bryce, his hard work paid off.  They let him jump in the leaves!
Emmy girl has learned to climb.  She and Bryce were playing with the pots and pans the other morning and I found Emmy in the cabinet.

She learned how to climb the steps yesterday so now I really have my hands full.

Apparently I never blogged about Taylor's third birthday party.  She had a fun party at Kidz Zoom a couple of weeks ago.  Here are MeMa and the grandkids in the inflatable birthday chair!

We've also been listening to Christmas music all week and have pulled out a few of our decorations.  Bryce is SO excited about Christmas this year!

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