Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween fun

We had lots of fun celebrating Halloween this year!  Emmy never fussed about having to wear a costume, but she also never cracked a smile the entire night!
The cutest tiger and elephant I've ever seen!

Here is Bryce in the same elephant costume his first Halloween (8 months).
Emmy still not sure about it all.

I took the kids to trick-or-treat at Nana and Pap's and Jason's grandparent's house before we headed to church for trunk-or-treat.

Bryce and his friend Aiden.

The cousins

The cousins, take 2.  They focus better when Emmy isn't around.  She had also been attacked by Taylor's new puppy so she needed some attention!

All the kids from our small group (including the back of Aiden's head, ha, but excluding Aiden's newest sister, Sadie).  This was the best I got!

Jason was in charge of the fire pit and marshmallow roasting!

Bryce's harvest festival and Halloween party at school got cancelled Tuesday because of the hurricane so he had it today.  They enjoyed games, crafts, and lunch at school (usually he just has a snack at school).  They weren't any easier to photograph than the small group kids!

And now it's November?!?

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Melissa said...

So cute! I'm glad you were able to get a picture with them all in it at least!