Saturday, December 1, 2012


December is here!  I actually didn't think it would ever get here.  It used to be when I was working I was so stressed with the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparation, that time got away from me.  But with Thanksgiving being so early this year and lots more time on my hands, I kind of feel like Bryce and I'm wondering "When is it going to be Christmas"! 
Since it's December and we have all of our decorations up, it was time to take the pumpkins and fall decor down.  Usually Bryce enjoys pounding golf tees into the pumpkins and then smashing them with the mallet.  However, this year he had a different plan.  I couldn't find the mallet one day so I let him throw a small pumpkin on the ground and smash it that way.  He settled for that for a while, but once Jason had some spare time, they took matters into their own hands.  Here is how I found them this morning.  I ran outside when I heard Bryce say, "I hope you don't fall, DaDa".  Unfortunately I missed all the pumpkin tossing.  I just saw the aftermath......silly boys!
We are having some unseasonably warm weather for the next few days so we got out and played outside a little this morning.  Bryce really wanted Emmy to ride in his car with him. 

We've got lots of fun things planned this month.  Hopefully I'll remember my camera!

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