Friday, December 14, 2012

a day for Bryce

Today was all about Bryce!  We headed out to the mall this morning for some fun at Build a Bear.  We had never been so I documented the process pretty well, ha! 
First he chose his animal (the Grinch) and the sound (magic sound, because they were out of the Grinch sound...more disappointing to me than Bryce!).  Next up was stuffing.  Bryce took his petal pushing job seriously!
He chose a heart to put inside to bring him to life.  The Grinch he chose had a bonus heart because of his character.  You can press his hand and his heart lights up three different times because "his heart grew three sizes that day". 

After he filled him up, it was time to give him a bath.  It was a fun little air bath and you could brush it while you "cleaned" it.  We ended up buying a brush to "wash" him at home.
Next up were the clothes.  He picked out Grinch pajamas, Grinch slippers, and a Santa hat.
Getting him all dressed up.

One happy boy.  He has taken him with him everywhere today.

Next he made the birth certificate for Mr. Grinch.  Luckily he basically came with a name or we may have been there all day thinking up a name!
What a fun experience!  I'm already ready to go back. 
Even though it got heavy at times, Bryce wanted to hold Mr. Grinch and his "house".
We took a cold train ride around the mall afterwards.
Next, we headed inside to warm up and play for a little while.

Last up for the day was lunch. Bryce said he wanted cheeseburgers and ham sandwiches. I told him we couldn't get both of those at the same place so he needed to choose one.  Lucky for me, he chose ham sandwiches.  There is a new place I had heard about and wanted to try and I knew for sure Bryce could get ham sandwiches there.  Have you ever heard of Which Wich?  It was delicious!  Jason's sandwich had turkey, grape jelly, and powdered sugar........weird!
Today was a perfect day.  I think I needed this day just as much as Bryce.  It was so nice to have one on one time with Bryce and be able to give him my full attention.  I feel like I only have half an ear for Bryce some days and he needs both ears or he gets frustrated, ha!  I also really enjoyed eating a meal that everyone could feed themselves!  This is definitely something I think we will continue to do for both kids as they get older!

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