Sunday, December 16, 2012

gingerbread house

We went to the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville today to have brunch and make gingerbread houses.  This is something my parents and grandparents did with  me when I was in high school and it was exciting to take Bryce today.  We started off at the candy buffet and got bowls of treats to decorate our house.  I'm pretty sure Bryce thought he was filling the bowls for a snack!
Hard at work!

Emmy enjoyed snacking on a little candy while we worked.

The boys enjoyed planning out the house and decorating it.

Every time Bryce shoved a piece of candy in his mouth I told him it was the last piece because I didn't want him to get sick.  Of course I probably said this 20 times, so there were a lot of "last" pieces.

Our finished product.  When we brought it home I put it on our entryway table and Macy sat up and begged for it.  It smells really good!
Bryce helped Nana and Pap put a few finishing touches on their house too! 
I am so thankful for all the family fun we have had this weekend! 

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