Thursday, December 13, 2012

christmas fun at school

Bryce had his Christmas party at school today.  He has been counting down the days and he was so excited when today finally got here!
They started with lunch in the classroom.  Emmy enjoyed sitting in a big girl chair at the table with the big kids.

The room mom planned a craft where they painted their fingers and their prints made baby Jesus laying in a manger.  They turned out super cute, but the picture is hard to see.

After the craft, the kids played a few rounds of musical chairs.  When they were done, they got to open a book under their chair that one of their classmates had brought in.

Showing off his book.

After the book exchange, the kids did a cookie exchange.  Bryce was very excited about bringing home 8 cookies.  When we were done filling his bag he made sure I had 8, ha!  He decided to eat his melted snowman cookie while we were there!

Bryce really likes his teachers!

Tonight was Bryce's Christmas program at school.  It was so cute and all the kids did such a great job.  I told Jason the best part was that the entire message was about Jesus.  I love that he is in a school that can teach and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

He did a great job with the motions and remembered to sing most of the time!

He spotted us once he was on stage and he never took his eyes off us!

Happy boy after a great performance.

Emmy was really tired and not feeling great because of a cold, but the music perked her up and she really enjoyed waving her arms to the music!

"Hooray for baby Jesus"

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