Tuesday, December 11, 2012

game nights

When Emmy was born, Bryce adjusted so well.  He was a big helper, he didn't act out, and he just rolled along with all the changes.  We were so thrilled for such a smooth transition at his age.  Fast forward ten months, and things have started to change a bit.  The last few weeks have been difficult (for me mostly).  Now that Emmy is so mobile and needs constant attention, Bryce is also wanting just as much of my attention.  He has started acting out a bit, taking things from Emmy, and just has a negative attitude at times and is more whiny.  Jason and I talked about it last week and decided we needed to have a day all about Bryce.  Until then, we have been spending quality time together at night after Emmy goes to bed.  He typically watches a cartoon before bed, but we have eliminated that and started game night each night so we can have more interaction with him.  He really looks forward to it and ask if we can have game night.
Tonight we played UNO.  We were ready for a new game because we have been playing Cars memory, Candy Land, and Chutes and Ladders A LOT!  Jason was off last Friday so we had a three day weekend together and that seemed to help a lot too.  Bryce does much better when he has both of us to divide attention between.  I have to say I have noticed a HUGE difference in his behavior just today and yesterday coming off the weekend and our game nights!  However, we still feel as though a "Bryce day" is a must so we are hoping to take him out this Friday.  We are planning a trip to Build a Bear since he has never been and then we'll probably let him pick somewhere fun for lunch.  He doesn't know about it yet, but I know he will be excited!   

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