Sunday, December 23, 2012

it's been a whole week

So an entire week has gone by since I posted last.  I was doing so well keeping up with the old blog and then I guess life finally slowed down and I didn't have many interesting things to post, just the day to day stuff. 
Monday night was a lot of fun! I was so excited to get to join my old fourth grade team for their annual Christmas dinner. We all brought a dish to my friend Robin's house and had the best time catching up, eating, and exchanging gifts. They were so sweet and went in for a Macy's gift card for me to thank me for being their copy mom this year. I tried out a new self timer app for the picture, but the resolution wasn't great because it took the picture through the screen rather than the camera.

We stayed at home a lot this week and played and cleaned the playroom, A LOT!  Emmy was actually a good helper while I cleaned.  She got into the train track box and played.  At least she wasn't getting into everything I was putting away!

Bryce got into Macy's costumes one day.  He enjoyed trying them on!  Silly boy!

This boy can wear through a pair of jeans.  Most of Bryce's jeans are hand me downs and it's inevitable they will get holes because the knees have already been well worn.  However, these were jeans I bought Bryce at Gymboree back in September and he has already managed to wear them out. 

This morning Bryce's Sunday school class combined with the class Jason and I teach for a fun birthday party for Jesus.  Jason's mom and a few of the other teachers really put on a great party for the kids.

Tonight was such a FUN FUN night.  We were able to get together with all of our good friends from high school and hang out, watch football, and eat some yummy food.  I am so excited for opportunities like this and it was so much fun watching all of our kids together.  Jason found me a new self timer app for this picture and it worked much better!

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