Sunday, December 9, 2012

santa brunch, presents, and more santa

Most of my dad's family lives in North Carolina, but he has a cousin who lives here in Richmond and each year she invites us all to the Country Club of Virginia for their annual Santa brunch.  Here were are with my dad and step mom and my grandparents.
Santa made his rounds and Bryce did great, but Emmy wasn't too sure about him.
The longer he stayed, Emmy realized how she felt about him.

She doesn't like him!

The food was delicious.  I'm not sure if I was more excited about the mimosa or the yummy food! 

My dad and grandparents brought presents for the kids today since we probably won't see them again at Christmas.  Bryce enjoyed getting to open some presents since he feels like we have been getting ready for Christmas for an eternity and it's still weeks away!

Bryce and Macy helped Emmy open her gifts since she's still a little new to it!

She did great with the new walker.

Go Emmy!

The laugh and learn puppy is lots of fun.  Emmy waves her hands in the air when it plays music.

We skipped naps today because Santa was scheduled to come around on the fire truck tonight.  Bryce has been napping the past two years when Santa came and he was too little the first year to remember it.  Emmy was a little unsure about all the sirens, but Bryce waved his little hand as fast as he could!

We had another fun Sunday!  Next weekend will be packed with fun too!

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