Friday, January 18, 2013

snow day

It snowed!!  I'm not a huge fan of snow.  I really only liked it when I was teaching because there was always the chance of a day off of school.  However, Bryce's excitement over the anticipation of snow makes is much more tolerable!  

We didn't have a snow suit for Emmy so I bundled her up in an outfit and then put pajamas over it to make sure she stayed warm for the obligatory "first snow" picture.  I sat her in the snow saucer to help her stay dry and possibly a little warmer.  She didn't like her first snow experience as much as Bryce (seen here).  Maybe she was cold or maybe the sun was too bright!

She did a little better once we put Bryce in the picture.

Bryce enjoyed jumping on the trampoline in the snow last year.  It wasn't as much fun this year since the snow was so icy.

Bryce loved Jason pulling him around the yard on the disc (what is that thing called anyway).

Bryce has been talking about building a snowman for months.  A few weeks ago we were eating carrots for lunch and there was a carrot that was much larger than the others and shaped like a real carrot (not a baby carrot).  Bryce said it was the perfect carrot nose for a snowman.  We set it aside in it's own bags in hopes of getting enough snow for a snowman.  The snow was so icy and didn't pack well so we just made a head! 

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