Saturday, January 5, 2013

science museum

There was a groupon for the Science Museum on Thursday and I bought one and we already went on Friday!  Bryce has been a couple of times, once with Kelly, and once with Jason, but I have not been there in years.  Our tickets included an IMAX movie, but we didn't end up seeing one.  I get too motion sick in those things, and there wasn't one showing that we really thought Bryce would be interested in.  We did enjoy the exhibits though!

He didn't really get the concept of standing so it looked like his head on a platter.

Bryce had a hard time spinning himself. 

Jason got him spinning good.

He fell as a result of the spinning, ha!

Emmy enjoyed climbing on the blocks while Bryce built with them.

Peek - a - boo

The highlight of the trip is watching the rats they have trained to play basketball.  Bryce pet the rat at the end, but my picture was blurry.  Jason saw a sign in one of the exhibits about touching the animals so he had the lady get a snake out and he and Bryce "pet" it.  Jason was upset that you couldn't hold it.

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