Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I needed a day like this

There's nothing better than a warm January day to get you out of the cold winter funk!

I figured it was too nice outside to make Bryce take a nap today so we stayed outside all afternoon while Emmy napped.  He was a big help washing the car.  It was much needed after all the snow.
We relaxed in the sun when we were done!
Then we headed to the backyard to ride his bike, scooter, jeep, and jump on the trampoline!  All the things we haven't done because it's been SO cold!
When Emmy got up we went for a wagon ride. 
Bryce and Emmy have been passing a cold back and forth all winter.  Bryce just got rid of a horrible cough and now Emmy has it.  Up until now, I was just satisfied knowing that it was just winter junk going around and they were fine.  Emmy was just miserable at dinner tonight so I finally decided to take her to the doctor just to be safe.  If she did have something more than a cold, I wanted to take care of it before her party on Saturday.  Of course, it's just a cold.  Oh well, better safe than sorry!

Last night we went out for frozen yogurt for the first time in a long time.  I'd say it was a big hit!

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