Monday, January 28, 2013

monday mish mash

It's been cold.  It's been snowy.  I've been lazy!

We had snow on Thursday so Bryce got to miss school.  We played in it while Emmy napped and then it melted by lunchtime.  Then we had snow Friday afternoon/evening and we woke up to this pretty scene!  This morning we woke up to freezing rain and ice everywhere.  Last week the highs were in the 20's.  A few days this week are going to be unseasonably warm!!!  However, I have heard varying reports of snow again on Friday and I.DON'T.WANT.IT!!  Emmy's party is Saturday and I really don't need weather to interfere!

Our friend Avery came over to play last Thursday.  It was impossible to get a picture of the girls together!

Emmy took four steps on Saturday!  It's exciting, but I still don't think she is close to actually walking.  

Bryce spent the night with Chase on Saturday night and they used a little of Dave's hair products before church!

Bryce has been working on his birthday invitations for his friends.  Next we have to tackle Valentine's for his friends, oh boy!

I may have mentioned these last year, but they are my absolute favorite!!!  I don't like the traditional conversation hearts because they taste chalky and they are just yucky!  The tart and sassy version remind me of smarties!  These are the kind I remember as a kid.  I got a bag at Target the other night, but I may need to stock up for the year, ha!

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