Monday, January 14, 2013

it's hard not to compare

It's really hard not to compare Emmy's development to Bryce's when he was a baby.  I know they are different people and they will do things differently and at different times, but it's just hard not to.  I also think because their birthdays are so close, I think about the time of year Bryce was doing something and think Emmy should be doing it too.  Emmy is definitely proving that she will do things in her own time and differently than Bryce, but today she did something new and it brought me back to when Bryce did the same thing for the first time.  Luckily I have both on video!

We have a Mickey airplane that you can push and walk behind or ride and use your feet to drive it.  The seat lifts up and holds four plastic shaped blocks (square, star, circle and triangle).  Each side of the car has two of the shape holes for sorting.  I have been working with Emmy on the circle, but have never seen her actually get the shape in on her own.  My mom said she was able to do it for her last night so we tried again today and sure enough she picked out the circle block and put it in the circle hole.  She was so proud of herself!  

Here is Bryce mastering the same thing.  You may remember THIS blog post.

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