Saturday, December 19, 2009


I never get my hopes up when they predict snow because I always get let down and we never miss school. Well I should have known that predictions would be right since this time I'm on Christmas vacation for the next two weeks. At any rate, here is the yard stick on the hood of Jason's truck. Just about 11 inches. W.O.W.

My fourth graders had not seen snow since they were in kindergarten and this year alone, we have had two snow storms! Maybe we are back on a snow trend! I think Bryce's birth brought the snow, ha! If you remember, Bryce was born on a 70 degree day in February and we brought him home in 8 inches of snow in March! And here we are with a significant snow in the SAME year!

Jason built Bryce a mini snowman. I think he likes it!

Checking out the snowman.

Tasting the snow.

Knocking over the snowman.

I realized our white house was not a great backdrop on the white snow, so we moved to the steps to try and get a better picture.

Chase let us borrow a snow suit. Isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen? Who knew they made these things this small!

Macy enjoyed licking the snow we tracked in and Bryce enjoyed feeling how cold it was.

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Laura aka Mama Ham said...

He is so cute! We are loving the snow also, I'm right around the corner from you. I'm friends with your Vicki Whitlock. We used to work together!