Sunday, December 6, 2009

a little of this and a little of that

The Christmas season is upon us and I'm beginning to feel the pressure of getting EVERYTHING done in time! Between keeping up with work, home (decorating, Christmas shopping, and a VERY active boy), church, and whatever else there is, I'm finding it hard to capture and document all that is going on so I can share it with you on the blog. Here are some random pictures and updates from the past few days.

Bryce is enjoying eating table food and he is really good about feeding himself. However, he makes quite a mess during the process. I have decided that no shirt is the best way to have a meal these days. Of course he is dressed when we go out and when he gets older, I will be sure to teach him the importance of wearing a shirt to the dinner table, ha! He ate a pancake for breakfast this morning!

This little boy is into everything. He has learned how to crawl under the furniture in the Florida room, but he can't figure out how to stand up or get out. Here he is while he was still enjoying his exploration!

I had scheduled an appointment to get Christmas pictures taken so we could do our Christmas card, but I didn't like any of the cards at the place we were going, so we decided we might as well use our fancy camera to capture the perfect picture. Here is a preview as to what you might see on this year's Christmas card. Don't worry, Macy still made the card this year!

It is very hard to capture a perfect picture when you have a teething baby and lots of pretty ornaments. Bryce cried about every 5 seconds during the photo shoot because he was in a bad mood because of his teeth and we had to keep taking the ornaments from him. All we want for Christmas is Bryce's two front teeth! Hopefully he will be in a better mood once they come in. We are not use to a fussy baby.

And after this picture, we finally gave up!

On a side note, I finally had my first night out with the girls since Bryce was born! I took pictures, but they really weren't worth sharing, ha! I was very excited that my first real night out was going to be in my pajamas! My friend Jenny had a Christmas pajama wine party last night. I went out and bought myself a cute pair of Christmas pjs (with matching socks!), dried and straightened my hair (this is a big deal because I have worn my hair curly for the last 3 months), and put on make up for my night out! We had chili for dinner and then we did a wine tasting with all the different wines that everyone brought. It was a great time!

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Brittany and Grant said...

We are having a cookie swap Friday night in our pajamas! How fun is that! Although, there are 10 girls coming and so I have to make 10 dozen cookies...not sure about that...=)