Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Adam

We have a friend who refers to today as "Christmas Adam" (tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and well.....Adam came first and there was Eve...and....get it?!?) so I decided it was an appropriate title for today's post. The Christmas festivities have begun. My Dad and Vivian came up to exchange gifts and go to lunch today. I was really glad Jason was able to take off work and go with us since he missed their last visit. We had a wonderful lunch and Bryce was a little angel (as always).

Bryce got his first Christmas gifts today. He even helped open them. He wasn't as impressed with the bows as I thought he would be, but I think the tissue tearing session this morning (see previous post) helped him know how to tear the wrapping paper. I promise to get a picture of him opening a gift this Christmas.

Bryce got two books. The Noah's Ark book is interactive and it came with a pouch full of animals that you can velcro to the book pages as you read the story. How fun!

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