Wednesday, February 1, 2012

39 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 39 weeks
Maternity Clothes: Yes and I'm tired of them.  I got rid of a lot of my maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Bryce because they were too big this go around.  I have not bought many new pieces so I feel like I'm always wearing the same things with a lot of my regular shirts thrown in.
Gender: Girl.  Emmy Paige
Movement: They say babies start to slow down toward the end of pregnancy, but she is still throwing a party each night at bedtime.
Sleep: Not horrible, but I can tell I'm not getting good sleep because I fall asleep on the couch every night after we put Bryce to bed.
Cravings: Candy.  I'm normally a candy-holic, but I just can't get enough.  I'm not interested in eating whole meals anymore, but snacking all day sounds more appealing.
Symptoms: Contractions.  I though for sure we were having this baby last Friday.  I had contractions all day and decided to start timing them around 3:30.  I timed them for an hour and they were about 6 minutes apart.  As the night went on, they got closer together.  We sent Bryce to Kelly's for a sleepover with Chase, just in case.  By 9:30 the contractions were 3 minutes apart so Jason told me to call the doctor.  The doctor said I needed to be in pain before I came in.  So I waited, cleaned the play room, and finished packing.  Still no pain so we went to bed.  I was still too anxious at the thought that it was time, so I got out of bed, unloaded the dishwasher, and watched tv until midnight.  I still wasn't in pain so I went to bed and everything stopped, bummer!  With all that activity, I was still at 2 cm at the doctor yesterday, big bummer!
Total weight gain: No weight gain this week!  Still at 26 pounds!
What I miss: My regular clothes!
Best moment of the week: Another good doctor visit (no weight gain, blood pressure was 120/60, and Emmy's heart rate was 136).  I was also a bit excited when my sweet hubby surprised me with a big bag of my favorite Jelly Belly flavors from a local candy store on Monday!  I managed to make them last 3 days!  
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our little girl.  I'm just so anxious and ready to see her.

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