Saturday, February 25, 2012

a first of many

Last night was the first of many nights where Jason and I divide and conquer.  I had a girls night with Emmy and he had a boys night with Bryce!  I had some girls from my small group over so we could have a girls/mama/baby night!  We ate Chinese food, watched "Say Yes to the Dress", and talked without 2 (or should I say 3) year old interruptions!  Maggie is on the left.  She was born in August and started the baby boom in our small group.  She's going to be a big sister in October!  Keagan is in the middle and he was born in December.  He didn't mind being the only boy!  Little Emmy girl is on the right.  We missed baby Avery (born in October) and her mama.

Jason and Bryce went to Monster Jam as part of his birthday celebration.  Bryce's cousin Chase and his friend Kaleb came with their dads.  Jason's friend Ryan and PaPa also came along!

Bryce's monster truck obsession all started with the Grave Digger truck.  Chase and Kaleb both had one and Bryce finally got his own,  We even went to see Grave Digger on our way to Nags Head this summer!  Ryan framed the picture below that he took at the show for Bryce's birthday present and it's already hanging in his room.

What's a trip to a show without cotton candy?!  It was even green for Grave Digger.

Bryce was so excited when he got home and he filled me in on every last detail.  

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