Friday, February 10, 2012

Emmy's birth story

To say Emmy's birth was easier than Bryce's is an understatement!  I had started to reach the point of just being done with pregnancy and was ready for Emmy to come, but I wanted to avoid induction this time because it made for a more difficult delivery with Bryce.  Little did I know I would get my wish!

I woke up Sunday morning feeling a little crampy and hoped it was going to be the day.  I decided to get up and get ready even though it was really early (just in case).  We headed to Panera for a family breakfast and then I walked to Target (hoping to get things moving).  Later at church, we had a food packing event and I stood on my feet for 2 hours (that may have helped too).  Still no sign of baby by the time the Super Bowl rolled around so we headed out to a party with the youth group.  I wasn't very comfortable that night at the party, but I wasn't really having contractions.  It wasn't until we got home and I was laying on the sofa that I started noticing contractions accompanied by some pain.  We called Jason's mom and told her that we thought that it might be the night (in case she needed to start getting things ready).  I called the doctor and told her my symptoms and she said it sounded like labor.  We called Jason's mom back and she came to stay with Bryce and we were at the hospital by 11:30.

We were sent to a triage unit in labor and delivery where they hooked me up to monitors to see what was going on.  I was still only 2cm and my contractions weren't consistent enough to be considered labor.  So, they had me walk the hospital for 2 hours and then they would decided to admit me or send me home.  After the first hour, we had to come back and get Emmy's heart rate checked and then we were sent on our way for the 2nd hour.  The contractions were starting to get too painful so we cut the walk short so I could lay down.  As I was laying down and having a painful contraction, I tried to roll over to alleviate the pain and at that moment, I heard/felt a pop and my water broke.  I was elated because I knew for sure it was my ticket to stay and not go home.  At this point it was 2 am.  I had Jason get the nurse as I lay in intense pain that never really went away after my water broke.

I was then taken to a room and checked.  I was between 2-3cm.  The nurses started hooking me up to IVs and getting things ready for my epidural.  I continued to be in a great deal of pain and apparently the noises I was making had the nurses worried as to how far I had already progressed.  They checked me again and I was 6cm.  They sped up the fluids to prepare me for the epidural and hurried the anesthesiologist along.  By the time I was ready for the epidural, I was already 8cm and not sure I was going to be able to get it.  I debated, decided if I could hold still long enough, and went for it.  By the time the doctor finished, I was 10 cm.  The nurses tried to get me to rest before I started pushing so the epidural could kick in, but it was just time.  Luckily, however, I never felt a thing.  I think I pushed through 3 contractions and she was here!  I cannot believe how quickly things happened.  My water broke at 2 and she was here by 4!

I will cherish this picture and moment forever.  I was not able to hold or see Bryce after he was born because he had breathing issues.  I was so glad to finally hold my beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Weighing in at 7.9.5.  We have a picture with Bryce on the scale with the same weight.  Although, his was rounded up.

We can't get over how similar she and Bryce looked as newborns.  As soon as she came out, Jason commented that it was Bryce!

Wide eyed for so early in the morning!

Not really loving her first bath!  She didn't love her first bath at home the other night either!

All cozy and warm after her first bath and ready to meet her big brother.  Stay tuned!

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Sara said...

Inductions are horrible! I'm so glad Emmy decided to come on her own :-) What a great experience!