Monday, February 13, 2012

1 week

Emmy is 1 week old today!  My picture doesn't do her justice.  Her cheeks really aren't as big as they look, but those eyes are!  She and Bryce definitely have the deer in the head lights look.  I'm wondering if she will have big wide eyes like her brother.

Sleep:  Emmy has been sleeping the majority of each day.  Her first few nights at home were difficult for me.  I had forgotten what sleepless nights were like.  I tried my hardest to wake her some during the day, but she just slept on.  I tried putting her in the bassinet in our room the first night and she didn't sleep a wink.  We moved her to her crib the next night and she still slept very little.  Not only did she want to be awake at night, she only wanted to be eating if she was awake.  We turned a corner last night and she slept 2 long stretches between each feeding and I feel like a new woman today!  I sure hope this continues.

Eating:  Emmy caught onto nursing very quickly.  I was glad to be able to nurse her so soon after delivery since I didn't get to do that with Bryce.  I am still waking her during the day to eat, but she does a pretty good job of letting me know when she needs to eat at night.  Bryce was like clockwork and wanted to eat every 3 hours. 

Bryce has been a big brother for a week now.  He needed his picture taken too!

Bryce and Jason and the boys are going to Monster Jam on Friday night before Bryce's birthday.  He is super excited about it and now prepared thanks to Chase for buying him hearing protection.  He has been wearing them around all day.  He keeps asking me if I can hear him, ha!

We made some Valentine cookies this morning.  I obviously had to rearrange the cookies when he was done!  We have had a wonderful day today and we even made it out for some errands.  I think I already have this mom of two thing down.....for now!

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