Monday, February 27, 2012

3 weeks

Emmy is 3 weeks old today.  I feel like it's been longer than that!  I'm really enjoying being home with both kids everyday and we've gotten into a good routine.  Emmy really is a pretty easy baby.  She gets fussy when she's really tired and when she is ready to eat.  She is fairly easy to calm and she is getting better about being happy when she is awake! 

Sleep: She is still sleeping for a majority of the day, but is awake for longer stretches at a time.  We've been working on a new bedtime routine.  She has been ready to eat about the time Bryce goes to bed so I feed her and put her down in her bed for the night.  We have done this the past few nights and I feel like it has brought some normalcy back to my life because we can watch tv or I can get some things done around the house.  I have gotten a 4 and 5 hour stretch of sleep recently and it was SO nice.  Occasionally at night it takes a little coaxing to get her to go back to sleep after a middle of the night feeding.  Jason usually helps with this!

Eating: I wish I could get her to flip flop her schedule.  During the day, she could sleep through the day and eat very little, but I'm still waking her to eat, while at night she lets me know she wants to eat every 3 hours.  The doctor said to feed her more often during the day and fill her up and she might sleep longer at night.  I thought it might condition her to want to eat just as often at night.  Who knows.  I just know I'm already ready for her to sleep more at night, but I know this too shall pass!

Other info: She has outgrown her newborn sleepers, but can still wear newborn clothes.  0-3 month sleepers fit her much better, but most of the 0-3 month clothes are super big on her.  It won't be long before she is in them though.  We went to the doctor last week because she wasn't pooping very often and she had already gained 10 ounces since her 1 week visit.  Bryce did not gain weight this quickly.  She has developed some baby acne this week and it has taken all I've got to not pop those white heads.  I'm weird, I know!  We have gottten a few smiles and few coos this week! 

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