Friday, March 2, 2012

gymnastics class

Bryce enjoyed his gymnastics party so much, we decided to enroll him in classes.  Today was his first session!  I was glad Jason was off today and could go with us because Bryce was a little slow to warm up.  Jason was able to tag along with him until he had more confidence.  Hopefully next week he will go on his own so I don't have to tote Emmy around the gym in the Bjorn.

He really liked his teacher, Ms. Wendy,  She helped him perfect his forward roll today.

Working on his form.

He did this one all on his own!

Bouncing down the tumble track with some attitude.

Getting Mickey Mouse stamps after class!  Ms. Wendy thought Bryce was such a good listener, she suggested we put him in a different class with older kids where he would learn some different skills!  So proud of our little boy!

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