Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1 month

Emmy girl is 1 month old today!

We went to the doctor today and all is well.

1 month stats:
Height: 21 1/4 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 8 lbs 14 oz (50th percentile)
Head: 14 1/4 (25 percentile)
  • You have outgrown newborn sleepers and are wearing 0-3 months. 
  • You could probably wear just newborn clothes, but we don't have many so you're wearing baggy 0-3 months!
  • We had 1 package of newborn diapers so we used them for a while, but they were just too little so we threw out the rest.
  • You wear size 1 diapers.
  • You  have started to take a pacifier more, but you still don't HAVE to have it!
  • You normally like to be swaddled tight at night when you sleep, but recently you have broken free and have your arms up over your head (just like your brother at that age).
  • You are becoming more aware of things.  Today you were mesmerized by the hanging objects on your swing.  You really like the swing when you are awake and sleeping.
  • You enjoy sitting in your bouncy seat when I fix dinner.
  • You don't really love laying on your activity mat, but you love laying on the changing table and looking in the mirror.  This is when I get the most coos from you.
  • You sleep a lot during the day, but you are starting to be awake more and for longer stretches.  I try to get you to be awake during the day so you will sleep more at night!
  • You could care less about eating often during the day and when you do eat, it's not that much.  I'm trying to get you to eat more during the day so  you will eat less at night!
  • You wake twice during the night to eat and you usually go right back to sleep!
  • For the most part, you are a happy baby.  You have about one evening a week where nothing satisfies you but being held by someone who is standing up.  As soon as we sit down, you get MAD.
  • You smile at us occasionally and we LOVE it!
  • You have horrible acne on your face and I hate it.  It looks like it would be painful.  This sounds bad, but I forgot what you really look like because your face is covered in yucky red bumps.  You're still beautiful to me!  The doctor says it is hormonal and it should go away this month! 
  • You spit up quite a bit.  Bryce never did this.  Some days I wonder if anything you ate stayed in your little belly.  You go through LOTS of bibs and outfits a day.
Comparison pictures

                       Bryce at 1 month                                                          Emmy at 1 month

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