Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what's on my mind today

  • Spring is here!  I hope the warm weather stays here.  I can't stand cold weather.
  • Jason left for St. Louis this morning.  He won't be home until Thursday afternoon.  That's two nights of putting the kids to bed by myself.  By far the worst part of the day.  We got a practice run last night when Jason had softball practice.  Bryce doesn't melt down at all until bedtime when Emmy is also melting down!
  • We just had our heat pump serviced for the sixth time since we have been in our house (it will be two years this month). 
  • I had to buy more data for my blog because I used up my 1 GB.  Has anyone ever had that happen?  I had no idea.  But I only paid $5 for 20 GB so I guess I'm good, but you have to pay it every year!
  • We've gotten our federal tax return, but not our state.  I thought the state was a faster turn around than federal.
  • I'm going to see my class on Thursday for picture day.  I'm looking forward to seeing them, but I'm glad I still have 7 weeks of maternity leave left.
  • Did you know that I'm debating whether or not to stay home next year?
  • We enrolled Bryce in preschool for next year.
  • Bryce has his first soccer game this Saturday!
  • I am obsessed with diet coke and diet dr. pepper and could drink it all day long.
  • I thought since I did a great job of eating well during pregnancy and not gaining a ton of weight, I would be able to have it off by the time I went to my 6 week appointment.  Instead, I have gained weight every week since I got home from the  hospital.  I kicked it into gear yesterday and I'm hoping to lose the last 10 pounds before I go back to work.
  • My mom is retiring at the end of the month! 
Doesn't get any more random than that.  I just needed someone to talk to since the kids are sleeping and Jason won't be home for days!  Bryce is very much looking forward to doing face time with Jason tonight.  However, Bryce was a mess the last time Jason went out of town for work.  The phone call may make it worse.  Wish us luck!

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