Monday, March 5, 2012

snow day

Today I'm so thankful for maternity leave!  Today was the best chance at a snow day and my county (that normally closes school with the first flake) decided to open (while all our surrounding counties were closed).  I'm not a fan of snow other than for closing school, but Bryce LOVES it.  Luckily, Emmy was content swinging in the house this morning so I could take Bryce out for a while.

I don't think his hands ever get cold.  He would throw snowballs ALL day long.

Jumping (and falling) on the trampoline in the snow.

When I finally drug Bryce in, he asked for hot chocolate!

I gathered up some snow while we were out there so we could make some snow cream.  I just added each ingredient until it tasted right,

Bryce enjoyed decorating it the most!


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