Wednesday, March 21, 2012

playing school

Since I'm not at school teaching my fourth graders, I've taken advantage of this time with Bryce to teach him!  Bryce has always amazed us with his developmental milestones.  He had a large vocabulary at an early age and he has spoken so well for quite some time.  He was quick to learn his colors and shapes and has just mastered his ABC's.  His writing/drawing has been nonexistent!  I don't know when this skill should be learned, but we thought for sure Bryce would start kindergarten without even knowing how to draw a shape or even hold a crayon!  However, I have been working with him on writing his name this past week.  I was really impressed today when he wrote his name for me.  He had nothing in front of him to copy.  This was totally unassisted!

Showing off his work! 

I would say he's ready for kindergarten (or maybe just preschool next year), ha!

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