Sunday, March 11, 2012

a visit from mama pat

Mama Pat came up for a visit this weekend and boy did she spoil us.  She wasn't able to come to Bryce's birthday party this year, so she brought the party with her this weekend!  Mama Pat is a Mickey Mouse fanatic (to say the least).  She has even been nicknamed "Ms. Mickey".  Luckily for her, Bryce loves Mickey too! 

Mama Pat had a friend make this special cake for Bryce.  He enjoyed opening his gifts from her.  One of his favorites was this Thomas tent.  He attempted to sleep in the tent on his bed, but I think he was too distracted by it to actually sleep! 

Emmy was not forgotten in all of the celebrating and gift giving.  Mama Pat brought tons of goodies and such precious clothes for her.  Mama Pat and my mom went to a craft show on Saturday while she was visiting and they got Emmy this sweet little outfit.  I think both kids are more than ready for Disney World this summer!

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