Saturday, March 31, 2012


Today was the first official day of soccer.  Last week was the first game, but it got rained out.  Bryce and Chase are very excited to be on the same team, the Cowboys.    

Today consisted of practice and learning the skills.  Bryce did a pretty good job of listening to the coach, but sometimes he didn't attempt the skills.  Bryce is #11 and Chase is #14.  They stayed pretty close together the whole time.

Taylor enjoyed watching from the side lines.

Each kid brings their own soccer ball to the game.  Early in the session, the kids had kicked their balls into the goal.  Later, when the coach was ready for them to practice trying to score, he just randomly kicked the balls onto the field and told the kids to try and make a goal.  Bryce didn't understand that he didn't have to kick his own ball and he got very upset that someone was kicking his ball.  Jason tried to get him to kick another ball, but you can tell he wasn't very happy about it!

Jason convinced him that if he ran down the field and scored with "a" ball, then he could get his own ball back.  He got a quick hug for reassurance and then headed down the field! 

All in all, it was a good first day.  It was fun watching him learn something new!

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