Saturday, February 25, 2012

gymnastics birthday party

Bryce's birthday fell on a Saturday this year so we were able to have his party on his actual birthday!  Bryce loves sports, but he loves to roll around on the ground and he is built like a gymnast so we decided to have his party at a gym this year.  He absolutely loved it and responded so well to the teachers!  I am so thrilled with how it turned out!  He is excited to start classes at the same gym next Friday!

Warming up!

Walking the balance beam.

Sitting in the parachute while we sang Happy Birthday.

Most of the party guests.  Hannah, Chase, Sara, Aiden, Bryce and Taylor.

We tried to get Charlie and Jacob to join in for the picture!

This boy was built to be a gymnast!

My sweet birthday boy!  The gym had the buttons made for the kids and I ordered the shirt on Etsy.

I love the cupcake toppers I ordered from Etsy.

Bryce loved the cupcakes he made for the party!

I think Bryce got 5 new monster trucks for his birthday!  This is the monster truck mayhem that is our kitchen!

Emmy girl was dressed in her party outift!  She slept during most of the party, but did wake up long enough to drink her first bottle.  She did great with it!

We got Bryce a trampoline for his birthday to go along with the gymnastics theme.  Here he is running out to it this morning.  Funny story: Bryce never gets out of bed on his own in the mornings or after his nap.  This morning when he called us, I talked through his monitor and told him to go ahead and get up and come to our room.  Well we saw him get up in the monitor, but he never came to our room.  We eventually heard footsteps downstairs so Jason went and checked on him.  He had gone downstairs to see his birthday presents (like Santa had come and it was Christmas).  It was too cute!

Too bad his birthday wasn't on Friday when it was 80 degrees.  Instead, it was today and it was freezing and very window today.  However, it didn't slow him down!

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