Sunday, January 29, 2012

big brother basketball

We wanted to do something special for Bryce when Emmy gets here because we know she will be getting a lot of attention.  We decided to get Bryce a new basketball hoop because his Fisher Price hoop is too short and Jason's basketball hoop is too tall.  We were going to wait until Emmy was here and we were home from the hospital, but the need arose for the hoop today so we broke it out!

Bryce and Taylor were Jason's big helpers!

Bryce and Chase were excited when it was ready!  (And no, it really wasn't warm enough for shorts (freezing actually), but the boys couldn't play in the gym at church as we had planned, but they didn't care that it was cold).

I think he really likes it!

He even made a few baskets!

Bryce has already asked if he can go out and play in the morning when he wakes up!  I think he and Jason will be outside playing a lot of basketball while Emmy and I stay warm inside!

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SuperLiz said...

So cool. We might have a basketball party for Aidens birthday. Good gift idea!