Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year

I had hoped to do a 2011 wrap up and a 2012 intro, but that didn't happen!  So here we are on the second day of January and I missed out on all the fun at home today.  Somehow Jason was off work today, but I wasn't!  Bryce enjoyed his day with DaDa.  They started the day by making dessert for a couple at our church that we were taking dinner to tonight.

Who wouldn't want to help if it meant licking the bowl when you're done?!?  Macy even wanted to try some!

Sweet face!

Once dessert was made, they headed to Chuck E Cheese with Kelly and the kids.  Basketball is one of Bryce's favorites these days.  He's even starting to attempt dribbling a ball now.  Usually he just hits it on the floor and then rolls on it, ha!

We have been watching Frosty just about every night before bed.  Bryce was enjoying watching it in Kelly's car so we recorded it on the DVR one night so we would have it.  It just wasn't the same with the commercials though!  Tonight we happened to ride by Blockbuster and thought to go in and see if they had it....and they did!  I just love watching Bryce watch the movie because he laughs hysterically at the same parts every time and gets up and marches around the living room at the same part.  It just cracks me up!  I can only imagine how many more nights we will watch this before bed before Bryce moves onto another movie!

We headed to Sweet Frog for yogurt after our big purchase but I didn't get a picture.  Despite having to go work today, I still had a wonderful day with my sweet family.  I can't even begin to imagine what life will be like when Emmy gets here, but I know we will have twice the fun!

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