Monday, January 9, 2012

just because I needed something to blog about

I got Jason to take my picture this morning because I wore my fun new boots I got for Christmas.  I don't have many brown things in my maternity wardrobe so I went out on a limb and wore my boots with black.  I wore them last week with a black and gray legging and dress outfit and that was pretty cute too.  At any rate, I was wearing the same dress today at almost 36 weeks as I was wearing at 21 weeks so I decided to do a side by side to see how much I have changed.  Luckily, other than my enormously growing belly, everything else has basically stayed unchanged.  This is a welcome change from my first pregnancy when my arms and face blew up bigger than my belly!  I go to the doctor tomorrow and I'm very anxious to see if anything has changed.  I have been having a ton of Braxton Hicks and I'm just more miserable than I remember being with Bryce.  I still have 4 weeks so I really just need to get over it and hang in there!  Happy Monday everyone! 

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Anonymous said...

You look great! When do we get to see the nursery?!