Saturday, October 1, 2011

touch a truck

We went to Touch-a-Truck this morning.  It's a local event where businesses bring their big trucks and kids can get in them and "drive".  I was excited to take Bryce this year because we missed it last year and I thought he would really enjoy it this year.  He seemed to enjoy it and only got scared a few times.

I really wanted to get a picture in the larger tractor scoop, but they were changing the tire of the big one so we didn't get a chance to get a picture.

Bryce in the tractor.

Bryce and Chase in the bucket.  I had to use this picture because I thought it was so cute with just Bryce's little hat poking out.  I know he's going to grow one of these days! 

Bryce in the cement truck.

This was Bryce standing on the foot bar of a helicopter.  I just used this picture so you could kind of see his shirt.  He wore his cement truck for the occasion. 

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