Thursday, October 27, 2011

pumpkin patch and other halloween fun

Kelly took the kids to the pumpkin patch the other day so I borrowed a few pictures from her!

They look a little unsure about the pumpkin!

Showing off their pumpkins.

When we got home on Wednesday, I noticed this cute bucket of goodies hanging on the front door.  It appears to be a fun little thing our neighborhood does for Halloween.  We do a similar thing at school with a vampire and you get "bitten".  I feel like even though we only know a few people in the neighborhood, whoever gave us this must know us.  Bryce was thrilled with the PEZ and stickers.  Jason will enjoy the beef jerky and I guess I'll share the M&Ms with everyone so I don't gain my one pound for the week in one day!  We went out and bought a few fun Halloween goodies to "boo" someone else in the neighborhood.  I just love stuff like this!  

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