Saturday, October 22, 2011


We have had a wonderful day.  I was lazy this morning and didn't go grocery shopping like I normally do on Saturday mornings.  It was nice to hang out in our pajamas and not have to rush out of the house like we do every other morning.  When Jason got home from hunting we went to Chick Fil A for breakfast, Target for a few things (including Starbucks hot chocolate), then to Home Depot. 

You will notice the Mickey Mouse in Bryce's arms.  Today while Jason was shopping at Home Depot, Bryce and I tested out all the singing Christmas toys.  One of the workers took a liking to Bryce and told him he could have the Mickey doll.  I was very surprised and thrilled.  We were very appreciative of his generosity.  We are working on a thank you note to take to the store.

I spent the rest of the morning switching over Bryce's clothes and getting the nursery cleaned out while Jason moved the cable line in Bryce's bedroom.  I rearranged some things in Bryce's room today and now he has a little reading nook in his room.  He's very excited about his new bean bag chair he can sit in while he reads.  We had such a productive day today and it was so nice.  We even cooked dinner at home, which is rare for a Saturday and then we went out for ice cream......pumpkin gingersnap! 

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A Wedding Story said...

That was so nice of the HD worker! Wow!