Wednesday, October 26, 2011

25 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 25 weeks
Maternity Clothes: Most of the time.  I'm not loving my maternity clothes right now so I'm still wearing some regular shirts.  I've never been a fan of fall/winter clothes because I can't find the right length pants and I just feel so frumpy.  It doesn't get much better when you have an extra 12 pounds to cover. 
Gender: girl
Movement: all the time
Sleep: I'm waking up between 2-4 and just wonder why in the world I'm not asleep.
Cravings: everything
Symptoms: The urge to eat like a pregnant woman.  I want to eat everything all the time and I'm trying so hard to contain myself.  I'm also going to the bathroom A LOT!
Total Weight Gain: 12 pounds.  Up another pound from last week.  It's not going to get any better with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming. 
What I Miss: Being able to work out like I used to.  I'm still lifting some weights, but not as much as I used to.  I can tell it's catching up with me because my thighs are getting bigger. 
Best Moment of the Week: Bryce has had some shining moments in potty training this week!
What I'm Looking Forward to: I've been talking to the lady who is making the nursery bedding and we've finally made some progress so hopefully it will be in the mail soon.

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