Saturday, October 29, 2011

carving pumpkins

Today was cold and rainy so we stayed inside and carved a pumpkin.  Bryce wasn't very interested in cleaning out the pumpkin, but he did help with the design.

Working hard.

Bryce is going to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween so we decided to stick with the same theme for the pumpkin!

We went to a brunswick stew cook out tonight.  It was very chilly and we ended up spending most of the night inside, but Bryce was very willing to go outside for a hayride!

We have more Halloween fun planned tomorrow and Monday so stay tuned!

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Sara said...

What a cute pumpkin! We are going to attempt a Minnie Mouse design tomorrow... Emma's dressing up as Minnie Mouse :) I guess that's the "in" thing this year ;) Ha!