Monday, October 3, 2011

state fair

After spending so much time away from Bryce this weekend, we decided to head out to the state fair tonight for some good quality family fun!  Bryce remembered everything from our trip last year so we had to re-create it this year!  We started off with a pony ride.  He was kind of skeptical about the guy leading his horse.

We took a ride on the ferris wheel.  Can you believe it cost us $12 to ride?!?  And Bryce was free!

This year Bryce tried something new and rode a kid ride.  He noticed the rides this year and said he wanted to ride one.  We let him pick and he was brave enough to ride by himself (even though he looks scared to death, ha). 

After visiting the animals (and actually petting them this year) we ended the night with some funnel cake!

All bundled up for the trek back to the car.  He really was much happier than he looked.  He was a little cold though!

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