Friday, September 30, 2011

potty training update

Bryce has had a great week of potty training.  Back in August, MeMa bought Bryce some fish stickers so he could put them on the wall every time he went potty.  You may notice the 3 fish stickers on the wall.  It took him a month to earn those.  Nana got him the Halloween stickers on Sunday night and he has already been through the whole pack this week.  We're not sure what finally clicked, but Bryce has been wearing underwear all week, with the exception of a pull-up while he is away from the house, and still a diaper at night.  He has been waking up dry from naps and bedtime, and the pull-up usually stays dry while he is out.  He never needs to go to the bathroom when I ask him (a million times a day), but he always tells me when he needs to go.  I can take no credit for potty training him.  He has done it all own his own.  I really think something just clicked and he finally understood what it meant to need to go to the bathroom.  I hope it keeps up!  Side note: he doesn't use the little training potty.  Jason just thought it added to the shot with the stickers, ha! 

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