Saturday, May 4, 2013

saturday fun

We had a wonderful family day today.  We started off at Krispy Kreme for donuts.  I think it took at least twenty minutes for Emmy to eat her donut!

This boy loves a sprinkle donut.

The elementary school behind our house was having a spring fling today so we put the kids in the wagon and walked over.  They had a small petting zoo with the cutest little animals.  Bryce didn't mind petting the rabbits because they were the only calm ones.

Emmy even pet the rabbit.

Brushing the goat.

After Bryce's t-ball game we headed to Relay for Life.  Emmy made herself at home as soon as we got there.
The big kids enjoyed watching the opening ceremony.

Bryce remembered a picture from the track last year and wanted to make sure we got a picture of all the grand kids on a number (we did birth order).  Maybe next year Emmy will have perfected standing still for more than two seconds! 

Do you see what the kids are wearing?  Winter clothes.  It's May 4th.  Where are you spring?

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