Tuesday, May 7, 2013

field trip

Bryce's class doesn't have an organized class field trip until next year, but the room mom for his class really wanted to get the kids together for their own field trip, so the moms and kids met up at Maymont yesterday for a fun day.  Here are 5 of the 7 kids (one of the girls in his class wasn't able to make it and another girl caught up with us later in the day). 
Emmy loved looking at the animals.  She said "baa" to all the animals. I was finally able to teach her to say "maa" for goat before we left. 

My brave little boy feeding the goats out of his hand.  He used to be too terrified to even hold the cup up for them to eat out of!

Jumping the rocks in the Japanese Gardens.

After our picnic lunch we tried to recreate some of our pictures since one of the other girls joined us.

They loved seeing the animals but they are kids at heart and still needed something to play on.
It was cloudy and overcast, but it turned out to be perfect.  The walk back up to the barn (with a stroller full of stuff) is quite an uphill hike so the cool weather was nice.  Thanks Ms. Barbara for planning such a fun trip and putting so much effort into making things special for the kids.  Bryce loved it! 

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