Thursday, May 16, 2013

a day off

Bryce's school had a parent appreciation breakfast this morning so Jason stayed home and went with us.  He ended up taking the whole day off so when we picked Bryce up after school we headed to Chick Fil A for lunch and then to the bowling alley for some free bowling.
Jason's sister told us about free bowling last summer, so we made sure to take advantage of it again this year.  Once you sign up, kids can bowl two games for free everyday over the summer (you still pay for shoe rental).  They also have an adult deal for $34.95 for up to four adults to bowl two games a day all summer.  Check it out HERE.  Jason is thinking about investing in some bowling shoes so he doesn't have to pay the rental fee!
Bryce had tons of fun.  There was a lot of this. 

And LOTS of this.  A 6 pound ball is really slow, even when rolled off the ramp.

There was even some of this!

Bryce was ahead for a short time during the second game. 

Then they were tied.

And then this happened (STRIKE).

And Dada got lots of high fives.

Emmy had fun too!

I love an "off" day during the week that helps us deviate from the normal routine.  Jason likes it too, but it's just hard going back to work tomorrow because today seemed like Friday for him.

Go sign up for your free bowling now,  Happy bowling!

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Shipley Mommy said...

I love how proud/excited Bryce looks in those pictures! I hope we can go bowling with you sometime this summer too!