Sunday, May 26, 2013

bridging ceremony

Bryce's last day of school was last Thursday.  That evening his school had a bridging ceremony for the 3-4 year old classes and graduation for the 4-5 year old classes.  I had tons of pictures to choose from including some not so good quality ones (we had the zoom lens, but the flash didn't do any good) and I was just too lazy to edit them.
Bryce and Chase before the ceremony.  That evening once we got home, Bryce came crying to me because he was worried he would never see Chase again since he's going to kindergarten.  I reassured him they would see each other just as much next year. 
This picture was hanging in the gym during the ceremony.  I loved seeing Bryce's self portrait from the beginning of the year and then again at the end of the year.

Blurry, but you get the point!  Bryce brought home a wonderful report card and improved in the few areas where he needed work last time (ie. zipping and buttoning).  We're so proud of his behavior and academics while at school.  The kids also sang songs and I have a few videos from the other parents I may try to include later.

His class after "bridging over".  All the boys will be in the same M-W-F class next year and all the girls will be in the T-F class.  We are hoping he will have the same teachers again!

Bryce's first preschool class.

Thomas' mom made the boys these matching ties in Kitty's Kids color for the ceremony.  Aren't they handsome!

Bryce and his teachers.  We really enjoyed them this year!
He's official.
This little girl will be very excited to have Bryce at home everyday.  When he's gone, she walks around calling his name all day.  Cutest.Thing.Ever.

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Shipley Mommy said...

This has been such a wonderful year! I have loved watching all the kids grow, and I love that our two boys became such good friends! Congratulations Bryce--we can't wait to see you again (regularly) next school year!

**And, thank YOU for that awesome stage picture :) ***