Thursday, May 2, 2013

a mixture of random

I found this picture of Emmy on my camera and it just cracks me up!  One day she was eating goldfish and decided she needed to be like Macy and eat off the floor.  Can you see Macy's food by her bowl?  Emmy took her handful of goldfish, put them on the floor, and ate them one at a time.  Silly girl (a little dirt won't hurt!).
We went to Chase's soccer game last Saturday and Bryce enjoyed playing on the empty field behind us.  He says he's still not interested in playing soccer on a team again!

It's not as intimidating to him when he plays against Jason!

Jason finally shaved last Friday!  I had actually gotten used to him with the beard so he looked different at first.  I couldn't decide if it made him look older or younger, ha!

My mom and I went flower shopping the other day.  She was getting some hanging baskets and I got some geraniums for my front porch.

I had been wanting these planters for so long and was excited to get them for Christmas.  I was even more excited to put some flowers in them.  I just love the bright pink!

Emmy enjoys playing the piano. I think we'd all enjoy her playing the piano if we each had a set of headphones, just kidding!

This boy is growing up too fast!

Happy Thursday!

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