Sunday, September 30, 2012

another Instagram update

I just love everything about fall.  I've been burning my pumpkin pie candle this week and it is delightful.
I just love to watch Bryce and Emmy together.  They love each so much!  I just hope they always get along and play so well together.

I have really been enjoying our porch swing these past few months.  I managed to get all of my "chores" done the other day during nap time with minutes to spare so I relaxed in the swing!

I have been experimenting with "real" food with Emmy lately.  We haven't been to the doctor since 6 months so no oficial "go ahead" to try new foods, but she seems to be ready so why not.  I gave her one of Bryce's mini pancakes straight out of the freezer the other day and she loved it.

We had to go to the bakery the other morning to ask Jason's uncle a favor so Bryce got his first donut since I've been home.  He used to get them everyday at Kelly's.  He has withdrawals every now and then and asks me when PaPa is going to bring him a donut everyday!

It was rainy this morning so we headed to a local inflatable place.  I hit the jackpot and got a groupon for 3 all day passes.  I got an email for $5 off a groupon and I already had groupon credits, so we got it for free.  SCORE!

Action shot....aka....really blurry.  Emmy and I even went down this slide per Bryce's request. 
Emmy girl isn't going to be left out! 

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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