Monday, September 24, 2012


I go through phases with Instagram. One week I remember to use it and then others I never even open it up! Here are some of my favorites from the past week.  You can follow me at gwhitlock.

Bryce got a Gymboree gift card in the mail last week for his 2nd birthday (he will be 4 in February), ha.  We preshopped online and he picked out this shirt.  They didn't have his size so we got the next size up.  It's huge, but it will fit again next year.  Good thing because he loves it!
Emmy loves lunch time.  I give her puffs for lunch and she can't get enough.
We've been enjoying the porch swing and the nice weather.
Sunday morning cuddles with Emmy girl.
Emmy looked so cute in her jeggings.
This little girl is just a joy.  We love her so much. 
If you're wondering why so many pictures are of Emmy this week it's because Bryce is never home.  He's at school Tuesday and Thursday mornings, he went to the lake all day Friday with my parents, and then spent the night out Friday and Saturday and went to the river on Sunday.  Busy boy!
I got my hands on some of these yummies.  Bryce and I really enjoyed them.  I liked them better than the candy corn M&Ms.

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