Saturday, September 15, 2012

zoo and touch a truck

Jason was off yesterday so we went to our local zoo.  We went to the National Zoo after Emmy was born and we weren't really impressed.  Our zoo had a few new exhibits that allowed us to get closer to the animals.  This baby orangutan was one of my favorites.
Jason loves to feed the animals.  I personally think he is crazy for even wanting to get his hand close to an animal with that terrifying look on its face!

Emmy was mesmerized by it all.  She had a great time!

There seemed to be a lot of baby animals on this visit.  How cute are the baby ostriches?

Bryce led the way with the map.....our little tour guide.

Feeding the giraffes is always the highlight (for Jason).  He still can't convince Bryce to feed them.

Emmy had to take one for the team and feed the giraffes since her brother wouldn't.  She didn't enjoy it.  I thought she was laughing at the giraffe's tongue tickling her hand, but she was actually crying, ha!

This is how Bryce felt about feeding the giraffe's.  He feels the same about Mickey Mouse!
He wouldn't feed the giraffes, but he would let a bird land on him to feed it.  He had a couple at one point and even pet them.

Bryce's favorite part of the whole trip was the goat standing on the donkey.  He didn't want to miss out on any of the food! 

Each time we go to the zoo we do a different attraction.  The first year we did the sky ride, the second year we did the carousel, and this year we rode the train.  Jason enjoyed being out in the open with all the animals running around the train.

I went to a baby shower luncheon this afternoon with some girlfriends so Jason and the dads met up and took the kids to Touch-a-Truck.   

The three amigos or should we say three stooges, ha.
Bryce, Aiden, Chase

We have been soaking up these beautiful days.  It's so fun to get out and do fun family things.

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